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LOURDES “St. Bernadette”:- The pilgrimage of Lourdes is founded on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to a poor, fourteen-year-old girl, Bernadette Soubiroux. The first apparition occurred 11 February, 1858. There were eighteen in all; the last took place in 16 July, of the same year. Bernadette often fell into an ecstasy. The mysterious vision she saw in the hollow of the rock Massabielle was that of a young and beautiful lady. “Lovelier than I have ever seen” said the child. But the girl was the only one who saw the vision, although sometimes many stood there with her. Now and then the apparition spoke to the seer who also was the only one who heard the voice.

Thus, she one day told her to drink of a mysterious fountain, in the grotto itself, the existence of which was unknown, and of which there was no sign, but which immediately gushed forth. On another occasion the apparition bade Bernadette: “Go and tell the priests she wished a chapel to be built on the spot and processions to be made to the grotto”. At first the clergy were incredulous. It was only four years later, in 1862, that the bishop of the diocese declared the faithful “Justified in believing the reality of the apparition”. A basilica was built upon the rock of Massabielle by M. Peyramale, the parish priest. In 1873 the great “National” French pilgrimages were inaugurated. Three years later the basilica was consecrated and the statue solemnly crowned. In 1883 the foundation stone of another church was laid, as the first was no longer large enough. It was built at the foot of the basilica and was consecrated in 1901 and called the Church of the Rosary. Pope Leo XIII authorized a special office and a Mass, in commemoration of the apparition, and in 1907 Pius X extended the observance of this feast to the entire Church; it is now observed on 11 February. Never has a sanctuary attracted such throngs.

At the end of the year 1908, when the fiftieth anniversary of the apparition was celebrated, although the record really only began from 1867, 5297 pilgrimages had been registered and these had brought 4,919,000 pilgrims. Individual pilgrims are more numerous by far than those who come in groups. To their number must be added the visitors who do not come as pilgrims, but who are attracted by a religious feeling or sometimes merely by the desire to see this far-famed spot. The Company of the Chemins de Fer du Midi estimates that the Lourdes station receives over one million travellers per annum. Every nation in the world furnishes its contingent. Out of the total of pilgrimages given above, four hundred and sixty-four came from countries other than France. They are sent by the United States, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, etc. The Bishops lead the way.

At the end of the year of the fiftieth anniversary, 2013 Prelate, including 546 Archbishops, 10 Primates, 19 Patriarchs, 69 Cardinals, had made the pilgrimage to Lourdes. But more remarkable still than the crowd of pilgrims is the series of wonderful occurrences which take place under the protection of the celebrated sanctuary. Shareworld Travels will lead you to Lourdes where your heart will connect to St. Bernadette.



FRANCE - LOURDES - Suggested Itinerary


Check in at 17:00pm and Departure at 20:00pm.Dinner and overnight on flight. (D)


Upon arrival at LOURDES, our representative will meet and transfer us to hotel.Dinner and Overnight at hotel. (D)


After Mass this morning, we are free for personal devotions. Take the opportunity to experience the “Miraculous Baths.” In the afternoon, we have a walking tour tracing the life of St. Bernadette, which includes visits to the Boly Mills where Bernadette was born; the Locale Mill, residence of her parents; the “Cachot,” formerly used as a jail, where she lived at the time of the Apparitions; the Chapel where she received her First Holy Communion; and the Parish church containing the Font, where she was baptized. Dinner and overnight in Lourdes. (B,D)


After breakfast we continue delving into the life of St. Bernadette in the small village of Bartres, where she spent part of her childhood working as a shepherdess. Return to Lourdes with time for personal devotions including the Eucharistic Devotion and Procession. Tonight we are invited to participate in Rosary Candlelight Procession (if available).

Dinner and overnight at hotel. (B,D)


After breakfast, followed a free day for personal devotion. Dinner and overnight at hotel. (B,D)


After breakfast, followed a free day for personal devotion. Dinner and overnight at hotel. (B,D)


After breakfast, followed a free day for personal devotion. Dinner and overnight at hotel. (B,D)


After breakfast, we depart the homeland country.  (B)


NB: * This suggested Itinerary is subject to change at any point in time.

       *B = Breakfast             D = Dinner

       *Airlines: TURKISH, ETHIOPIAN.



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