I certify that  all the information provided by me is correct; and I confirm that all the terms and conditions of the program are fully noted. I understandsign that, the fact that a visa has been granted to me does not mean that I will be entitle to compensation if I fail to comply with the relevant provision at the point of departure, transit or entry and thus results to refusal of departure, transit or entry.

The prerequisites for departure, transit or entry will be checked again at the generation, transit or destination country.

I agree that my application is subject to the terms and conditions of Shareworld, Embassy, Immigration, Ministries, Authorities and Associate partners.

I therefore append my mark below to indicate my clear understanding of all the aforesaid terms and conditions of the program.

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Shareworld Travels, the leading Christians travel agency in Ghana, caters for the Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Charismatic and Orthodox Christian community with the aim of serving Churches, Bible schools and Seminaries through Pilgrimage.

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